qTool is a collection of commandline scripts written for CG/VFX artists. These scripts are powered by commandline tools such as FFmpeg, Youtube-dl, Image Magick, etc...

Below are some of its main features:

  • Video / Converter: Any video* ---> h264/h65 MP4, Prores MOV, WEBM, etc...
  • Video / Converter: Any video* ---> Animated GIF, support transparency
  • Video / Converter: Any video* ---> Image sequence
  • Video / Downloader: Youtube, Vimeo, Youku, Bilibli... download any public video as MP4 or MP3
  • Image / Converter: PSD/EXR image ---> PNG/JPG image
  • Utility / Muxer: Add audio track to video(s) without recompressing video
  • Utility / Muxer: Change video container without changing codec (MOV <---> MP4)
  • Utility / Muxer: Add thumbnail to MP4 (meta-data only)
  • Utility / Muxer: Concat (combine multiple videos into a single video) 
  • Utility / Frame Checker: list out missing frame numbers from a image sequence

*Any codec/format video refer to FFmpeg's latest support.

Download Temporarily Unavailable

Update Log:
    - added windows 11 support
    - script installer temporarily removed
    - installer backup download link added.
    - video sequencer script updated to v4, add support to multiple input videos
      also fix the framerate multiplier issue.
    - ffmpeg download link changes from 'essential' to 'full',
      full version is 128MB, so the download time is increased.
      !!! if you have issue with HAP codec, please update.
    - update gif-maker to v4.0
      now support batching multiple file input.
    - ffmpeg download link is updated again.
      using link from: https://www.gyan.dev/ffmpeg/builds/
      using 'essentials' instead of 'full' version of ffmpeg
    - ffmpeg download link is updated.
    - updated the download regex catcher for the installer.
      it was broken due to a change of the page layout on ffmpeg's website.
      I might remove the download code all together in the future version.
    - a BUG in the code applying gamma 2.2 for exr input was fixed.
    - add utility-muxer\concat script, a quick way to stitch multiple video clips together.
      this is a muxer script so no re-compression in the process.
    - add utility-muxer\add-audio script, you can add/ or replace audio to video(s).
      again this a muxer so the video codec is untouched.
    - fixed a bug in video\prores script.
    - script\utility-muxer\qTool-muxer-add-thumbnail.com is updated.
      it generates icon thumbnails for mp4 files. this is a muxer script,
      which means video's codec is un-changed, only meta-data is updated.
    - fixed some small bugs in qbatch.cmd and video-downloader.cmd
      type 'qbath' in CMD to use the batch tool
      type 'youtube' in CMD to use video-downloader
    - Updated the installer script.
2020.04.29 [v4]
    - This version is a major update.
      all the main scripts (image and video) scripts now support multiple input files.
      this means you can 'batch' a group of selected files all at once without using
      the batch script. see the user manual for more detail.
    - rewrite the installer script. qTool can dynamically grab
      the latest version of command-line tools now.
    - updated qTool_install.cmd, added backup option in menu.
    - updated web-video-download.cmd script with better menu system.
    - updated ffmpeg. All related scripts now support PSD file input.
    - new gif-maker script support transparency gif export.